Lee Henderson

Lee Henderson is a stencil artist whose artistic light only turned on very recently but is now burning bright.

His work is varied but very detailed some of his pieces taking over 130 hours to complete

He loves working with light & dark, and tries to add that magical element to every piece he paints, but doesn’t stick to one subject matter, choosing to flip from street scenes to people and animals:

“Whatever I’m painting I want to push myself to the limits of what is possible with stencils.”

He now has the drive and determination to move forward in the world of stencil art and completes a new piece every two weeks to four weeks

This guy is super committed to his craft and spends all of his spare time knocking out amazing artwork as fast as his fingers will allow! Despite this rapid work rate, the quality of his pieces remain as strong as ever and he feels they are getting better and better with each creation.

This year his work won him first prize in the Surface Gallery street art open exhibition , and he’s also been named as a finalist in the international stencil art price held in Melbourne Australia

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Showing all 4 results