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‘Art Ark’ crew – BENJAM


Benjam is an American artist based out of Arizona.

He gained an early appreciation for art during his childhood while watching his father and grandmother paint with oils. During his university studies he focused on the art of classical antiquity, the Italian and Northern Renaissance, as well as, a variety of styles and museum works by the Old Masters.

He has been fascinated with hip-hop culture and graffiti for several years and eventually followed the evolution of the street art movement. In 2014, he began experimenting with stencils and ultimately production of his own mutli-layered artwork. Benjam has participated in multiple group exhibitions and his “Play Ball” painting was an acquisition for the collection at the Mesa Historical Museum.

Benjamin focuses primarily on creating original works with mixed media, hand-cut stencils, acrylic and aerosol paints on canvas, as well as, other found objects. He carefully selects mixed media specifically for each piece based on the theme he is communicating. His intention with every completed work is to breathe new life into past designs, ideas, and innovations exhibited in contrast of “old meets new” on the canvas. “I want to capture images that teach history through art and give those images life in a modern world,” said Benjam, who graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in art history from Arizona State University.

“The challenge, as with any reconstructed image from the past, is to capture it in all its former glory, but to do it my way.”

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